Thursday, January 29, 2015

BEC Mass 29-Jan-2015

The BEC mass was held at Joseph and Grace's home with 25 headcounts coming from 12 families in our BEC, as counted by uncle Paul...ahhemmm. Fr Martin was there early to greet us and preparing the table as people coming in until 8.30PM which we started on time. We were glad to have Julian Paul's family, Francis and Veronica Heng and Jennifer Khoo to join us this time.

Josephine Wong on 1st Reading

Beautiful Psalm chanted by Jovita

"..the lamp is not hide under the bed but put on the lamp stand." said Jesus in today's gospel. 

Fr Martin's sermon on today's gospel and about  BEC

Sumptuous food for all

"The table are plenty..."

Second round?

Veronica, Joan, Jennifer, Fr Martin and Grace

Anna and Daina

Josephine, Francis, Fr Martin, Justina and Jovita

Uncle Paul best pose

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